Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Little Updates

There have been a few little updates around the house. A year ago each update would have been an entire blog post. I'm sorry about that. First things first, I'm going to stop blogging here at 1914house. I've got a new blog all set up (not public yet) where I'll continue writing. I'll let you know when I switch over. It'll hopefully be within a week or so. Now on to things that aren't virtual.

dark grey for the chair, tweed for the couch, light grey branches for pillows
We rearranged the living room furniture a few months after selling our old couch and buying a new smaller couch. That was last fall. I rushed out to buy new cushion cover fabric for our chair and new couch pillow fabric. I haven't even begun sewing those things. I also designed, wrote a pattern for and purchased yarn for a new couch throw that is almost finished. It's gorgeous, and I can't wait to show it to you.

We also moved the microwave. It's an appliance that isn't worthy of my limited counter space. We've lamented for years that it doesn't fit on the kitchen cart. The kitchen cart legs were about 1" too close together. Nate finally just moved them apart and voila, now it's a microwave cart. We are storing an espresso maker and wine (and I think there might be a bag of chips...like, potato chips) where the microwave used to be. Priorities, folks.

I hung up some plants in the dining room window. Usually the cat is an a-hole and kills all living greenery inside the house, however he's been pretty good so far regarding these plants. The begonia and the spider plant were in the living room in a woolly pocket. Unfortunately, we realized the pocket was leaking (long after we could have returned it) and had to remove it from the wall. I still hope to use it on the fence outside. Anywho, the plants are happier in the dining room.

Nate built some sliding drawers for our DVD's. There isn't space for more, but this is the first time we've had them all in one place since 2005. So, we've got that going for us.

We got a new-to-us car. It's a 2011 VW Golf TDI. Yippee for diesel! Boo for car payment.

And, the last update is me. I've been doing T25 (exercise DVD) since the end of November, and I'm beyond happy with the results. I'll write up a review of the program and post that separately. There's a little less of me to go around these days, literally.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

The Front Garden - A Year Later

I'm very happy with how the front garden has filled in. Neither the magnolia nor the tea tree survived the move. I didn't really like the magnolia, but I really liked loved the tea tree. I was sad to see it go. None of the plants in this garden are anything special - most everything is a spreading or self-seeding perennial. That's fine for now until I have the funds for something more fun. In the meantime, it looks sooooo much better than grass.

everything is green 
when it was grass
a year ago
last week
a year ago
last week

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Friday, February 21, 2014

It's Like the Spinny Wheel

peacock feather zen transfer: incomplete
My brain. That's what I meant. My brain is like the spinny wheel on the computer when the computer has just had it and doesn't want to work or make a decision or do anything.

This house is the cause of my brain spinny wheel. We've been trying to make a decision about staying or moving. We should have made this decision years ago, but here we are. We've come up with three basic choices:

1. Renovate the crap out of the house just the way we want it and plan to live here 8-10 more years.

2. Fix up some things but no major work and live here another 4-5 years.

3. Fix up only the necessary and live here only another 1-2 years tops.

As of tonight (this may change tomorrow), we've decided it makes the most financial sense to go with option 2. We should, however, focus on fixing the necessary things first so that if the right house in the right neighborhood at the right price comes along, we could theoretically put this one on the market quickly.

I've been churning these ideas in my head for weeks. It feels good to have some sort of plan. Plus I can't stop thinking about the garden!

Sunday, January 19, 2014


In the interest of tradition, I'd like to share which books I managed to finish in the calendar year 2013. It's a bit pathetic. I'm a bit embarrassed. You may judge me. I'm ok with that.

The Jane Austen Guide to Life by Lori Smith*
Full Body Burden by Kristen Iversen**
Guts by Kristen Johnston
Cold Mountain by Charles Frazier
Thrive: Finding Happiness the Blue Zones Way by Dan Buettner
Paris in Love by Eloisa James
The Golden Compass, The Subtle Knife and The Amber Spyglass by Philip Pullman

There isn't much there. I don't think I even finished a single magazine in 2013. I've been reading too many blogs and watching more TV (via Netflix). Hmm...maybe I should do something about that.

This year I hope to read Three Cups of TeaWickedThe House of the Spirits and Ender's Game

What else should be on my list? Have you read any great books lately that won't hurt my brain?

*I hated this book. 
**I loved this book, probably because I was completely unaware of such happenings.